Friday, December 26, 2008

Airmail Label from Philippines

I mailed this postcard back home while I'm on business trip to Makati City, Philippines.
I enjoy mailing postcard while I travel to different country. I like to visit the local post office, queue up at the counter and talk to the people there. Is a great experience to me. 

This was the first time I came across the post office do provide a personalized label with the text message "Write Soon" It is not only adding a personal touch to the card, it's also encourage people to enjoy writing letter. 

Test Mail Label from Post Malaysia

I received this letter from my Citibank credit card monthly billing letter few years ago. This letter affixed with the post office "UjiMel" (Test Mail) label. I believe post office was implementing a new mailing system at that time and test selective letters from different locations to test the mailing service, perhaps in term of sorting accuracy and delivery speed.

The label printed with Pos Malaysia logo, serial number and barcode. Since this is the prepaid letter from the sender, it did not carry any stamps and postmark. Otherwise we can trace back the posting date. Anyway, this became a collector item to treasure.