Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Turkey Airmail Label - Old designed

Turkey Post used an interesting bird symbol for this label. Printed "ucak ile", translated as "with aircraft" in Turkish, i.e. letter send is via Airmail. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Turkey Registered Mail Label - Old designed

This is the mint label I obtained from Turkey post office as a complement. The label is use in Ulus-Ankara post office for registration mailing. After many years in my album, it still preserve in good condition. 

Mexico Express Label - Old designed

Believe this the express label used by Mexican Postal Service. This label I obtained from an old cover which I peel it off many years ago. This brown color label printed with Spanish text and an eagle symbol. The size is larger than the conventional airmail label.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Taiwan Airmail Labels - Old designed

Above are 2 variances of the old designed Taiwan airmail label, it is printed in single label and size is smaller then the conventional label. I will post the new design in my later posting.

Indonesia Airmail labels - Old designed

This posting shown 2 earlier designed Indonesia airmail labels. The size is smaller then the convention label. The bottom designed printed with tagline "Fast, Accurate and Peace of Mind" in Indonesian language.

South Africa Airmail Labels - Old designed

These are few old designed South Africa airmail labels found in my old stamps album. Do a quick search on Google, surprisingly South Africa airmail labels are changing very often, there are many variances available. I couldn't recall when I obtained this label as I do not have a proper airmail labels catalog to describe the year in used.

A good advise is to keep the airmail label intact with the postcard or cover. The cancellation postmark will give you the year this label been used. If you collect mint labels from post office, do make sure you record the year. The above shown labels are printed in vertical strip format.