Wednesday, November 10, 2010

East African Airways (EAA) - Airmail Label (Africa)

This is the East African Airways airmail labels used by 3 African countries; Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda in the 70s. The label printed with the airline lion logo with tagline "The Safari Airline". 
I obtained this labels from Uganda post office. The strip of five labels are in mint condition. The printing format is unique as two labels are printed upside down to form a strip of orange and light blue. I am eager to look for the full sheet of this labels. If you have, do let me know. I can do a trade. Wikipedia have a brief write up on EAA: 

"East African Airways Corp. (EAA) was an airline jointly run by three countries in East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania; and Uganda, which were then part of an East African Community. The airline was headquartered in the Sadler House in Nairobi, Kenya. When this was dissolved in 1977, each country established its own national airline: Kenya Airways, Uganda Airlines; and Air Tanzania."

You can view the pictures of EAA´s aircraft from bygone days at:

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thailand Airmail Registered Cover - Thai Calendar Year Postmark

This is a multi-service cover from Thailand, i.e. sent through Airmail and by Registered post. Thailand airmail label has a distinctive design, the label itself look like an envelope with Thai postal authority logo. The modern registered label with bar-code is affixed on the front cover and back cover is the receiving end bar-code from Pos Malaysia. 

The interesting thing I wanted to highlight is Thailand used Buddhist (Solar) calender as their official calender. There is a 543 years different between the Buddhist calender and the Western Calender (Gregorian). Hence, year in 2010 is year 2553 in Thailand. You can notice this on the postmark: THP Headquarter 02.06.53. That is 02 Jun 10 in our calender and THP stand for "Thailand Post".

You can read more on Thai Solar Calender at: