Sunday, December 27, 2009

Airmail Label - New Zealand (Old design)

NZ old design Airmail labels from different period of time. This small label is catered for standard letter mailing.

For parcel used label (large size), refer to:

For current design label, refer to:

Airmail and First Class Labels - Canada

Canada Airmail and First Class labels in sheet of 16. Both in English and French language. First Class label printed in green and Airmail label in blue.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Registered Labels - Malaysia

This is my collection of Malaysia Registered labels from different periods of time. Each label is printed or postmark with the town or city name. Some with rectangular shape, some is round corner rectangular shape. This labels no longer in use as today registered mail is using barcode label for better traceability and Pos Malaysia providing online tracing of all registered letters by keying in the reference number.

My previous post also shown a Malaysia Registered cover:

New Zealand Airmail Labels - for Parcel used (large size)

This posting shown various NZ parcel size airmail labels (large) used in different period of time. For label with Kiwi symbol, the back side of the label with preprinted text: PRE GUMMED.

Insured Label - Nederland (Old design)

This is Nederland Insured labels in setenant format. Printed in red with perforation on both vertical side, gummed back, with Dutch and French language. Size is smaller then the usual Insured label use worldwide.

Insured Label - Tanzania (Old design)

This is the Tanzania Insured labels in block of four. Printed in pink (light red) with gummed back format, with English and French language.

Insured Label - UK (Old design)

This is the UK Insured label, printed in red with English and French language, in gummed back format.

Insured Label - Japan (Old design)

This is the Insured label from Japan. The full sheet consist of 2 different sizes (small and big) of label. Printed in red with French and Japanese language. The format is peel and stick label.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Insured Label - Singapore (Old design)

Insured label from Singapore (old design). Printed in pink color with English and French language. It is a peel and stick label. The size of this label is smaller then the normal standard postal label.

Insured Label - Malaysia (Old design)

This is the old design of Malaysia Insured label. This label is used for all mail with insurance. In the coming posting, I will introduce more insured labels from different countries. Usually Insured labels are printed in red or pink and French is the default language as similar to all others postal labels.

Express Label - Malaysia (Old design)

This is Malaysia old design Express label. Printed in red as all standard express label worldwide, with French and Bahasa Malaysia language. Above is the block of 12 labels.

Airmail Label - Vanuatu (Part 2)

Another design of Vanuatu airmail label. For mode details of Vanuatu country profile and the Part 1 design, click this link:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Registered Letter - German 2009

German registered letter received today from a German friend. With white registration label (bar code) and two different design airmail labels. At the back of the cover is the registration bar code label from Pos Malaysia. I need to sign and provide identity card number on the said label and return to the post officer in order to claim this letter.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Airmail Label - New Zealand (Current design)

New Zealand airmail label for International mailing. Current design.

Airmail Label - Iceland (Old design)

Iceland airmail label (old design), with "IcelandAir" airline old designed logo.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Airmail Label - Canada (Old design)

These 4 different airmail labels are old design from Canada. All the 3 labels produced in different period has the Maple leaf symbol that identical to the national flag. The last one is pure text based design (printed text: By Air Mail, Par Avion).

Airmail Label - Malaya

This is the used airmail label from Malaya (pre-independence).

Surface Mail Label - Malaysia (Sea Mail)

This is the Malaysia Surface Mail label. Printed in large size for parcel mailing and in self adhesive format, in sheet of 6.

With a ship pictorial image and used green as background. Printed with Bahasa Malaysia "Melalui Laut" (By Sea).

Airmail Label - Malaysia (Parcel)

This large size label is use for parcel mailing only. Printed in sheet of 6, self adhesive format.
With different design from the convention airmail label with bird symbol design.

Airmail Label - Malaysia (Reprints)

There are reprint cater for the needs of the demand of the labels, I have found 2 reprints with different indicator printed on the selvage:

Above sheet: mel udara Faizal 13/12/06 (shin) size 7.9' x 6.5'.

Not sure the date printed is for the master printing proof and the person name is either the designer or just the person in charge assigned to do the printing plate. And indicated the size.

Below sheet:
No details indicator, just an hand drawn "down arrow sign".
Both are printed in sheet of 20 self adhesive format.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Registered Letter - Malaysia 1983

Registered Mail's rate during the 80s was 80 cents (affixed was the national series definitive stamps). The postmark shown the letter posted on 8 Dec 1983 from Salak Selatan Post Office, then sent to Kuala Lumpur Post Office on the same day and delivered to destination on next day (9 Dec 1983) at Sungai
Besi Post Office, where the receiver stayed at Sungai Besi area.

Postman signed and written the date: 9/12/83 on the back of the cover.

Registered mail label during the 80s was designed with R (indicated Registered mail) followed by running numbers. Location of the post office is not printed but manually used rubber stamp to mark the location (Salak Selatan).

Sunday, October 25, 2009

COD Labels - Italy

COD Label traditionally printed in triangular format and in light orange color. This label from Italy printed with perforation, appeared much like a postage stamps and in gummed format.

Above shown a collection of block 24 labels.

Germany Airmail Labels (strips)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Priority Mail Label from Finland

Two different design of priority mail labels from Finland. Top label is printed with 1st class wording. Both label with letter symbol.

Priority Mail Label from Holland

Priority mail label printed as part of the stamp design.

Priority Mail Label from Ireland

Slightly smaller label compared to standard airmail label size.

Priority Mail Label from Italy

Priority mail label with perforation.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Airmail Label from Uganda (Old design)

Airmail label from Uganda. Printed Uganda Airline logo and the country flag colour in horizontal lines.

Airmail Label from Tanzania (Old design)

Airmail label from Tanzania, printed Air Tanzania and airline logo. Blue, gummed back label.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Airmail Label from Italy (Current design)

Current design of Italy Airmail label. Wording in Italian and English. Perforated label printed in blue.

Airmail Label from Germany (Current design)

Current design of Germany Air Mail label. Wording in Luftpost (in German) Par Avion (in French) and Priority Mail combined.