Friday, June 26, 2009

Air Parcels Label from UK (Old designed)

Air Parcels label from Royal Mail (UK). This is an airmail label used for parcels, the label size is large then the conventional designed airmail label used in normal letters.

Prompt Delivery Label from Japan

Prompt Delivery (Express mail) label from Japan. Red colour, printed in Japanese and English.

Express Label from Hong Kong (Old designed)

Express label from Hong Kong (old designed). Printed in Chinese and English, red colour. Gummed back format, sheet composition of 13x4 (52 labels).

Airmail Label from Malaysia (Current design)

This is currently use airmail label. The bird symbol is similar to the Post Malaysia bird symbol in the logo. Printed in sheet of 40 labels in peel and stick format. No special margin text printed on the panel.

Airmail Label from Malaysia (Old designed 2)

This is the newer issued then the old designed 1. The main different was printed in peel and stick format instead of gummed back. Colour found varies in blue.

Full sheet panel no special notes or text. Printed in 40 labels per sheet.

Airmail Label from Malaysia (Old designed 1)

This is the old designed Malaysia Airmail label. Printed in sheet of 40 labels in gummed back format with bird and in Bahasa Malaysia and French. Dark blue.

The printing was poor in quality, perhaps it's not carry any monetary value like stamps, there were no special requirement on the printing. Some other sheets printed in differet period found in good quality.

The sheet printed "(Pos-Mel 74 - Pin. 1/82)" on the right bottom, I believe it was printed in year 1982. On the left bottom, printed "P-J.P.N., K.L.", I guest is Jabatan Pos Negeri (National Post Office), Kuala Lumpur.

Airmail Label from Kenya - Africa series

Airmail label from Kenya (old designed). This label printed in blue, common in all airmail label. Interestingly is the pictorial symbol is a ship instead of a plane. But on the left hand side, printed Kenya Airway logo.

In English and French (Par Avion). Gummed back.

LUM Label from Singapore (Old designed 2)

This is the newer designed (Local Urgent Mail) then the previous posting (Old designed 1).
It has the consistent designed among all the postal labels: Airmail and Express labels.

To view the previous posting in Airmail label:

Printed in strip roll format, peel and stick label.
Interestingly, this designed is printed in red instead of yellow.

LUM Label from Singapore (Old designed 1)

LUM (Local Urgent Mail) label from Singapore. This is different from Express mail, it is classified under Priority "Local" Mail, correct me if I'm wrong.

I believe this is one of the oldest or primary issued of LUM label in Singapore.
Available mint condition label I consider is very rare nowadays, the designed printed with arrow symbol with orange and yellow colour to differential from common red colour used in Express mail label.

Gummed back, printed in sheet.

Above collection is in vertical of 5 mint label format with bottom tab.

Express Label from Singapore (Old designed)

Express Label from Singapore (Old designed), with Singapore Telecom logo.
Peel and stick label, red.