Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Airmail Label - New Zealand (Current design)

New Zealand airmail label for International mailing. Current design.

Airmail Label - Iceland (Old design)

Iceland airmail label (old design), with "IcelandAir" airline old designed logo.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Airmail Label - Canada (Old design)

These 4 different airmail labels are old design from Canada. All the 3 labels produced in different period has the Maple leaf symbol that identical to the national flag. The last one is pure text based design (printed text: By Air Mail, Par Avion).

Airmail Label - Malaya

This is the used airmail label from Malaya (pre-independence).

Surface Mail Label - Malaysia (Sea Mail)

This is the Malaysia Surface Mail label. Printed in large size for parcel mailing and in self adhesive format, in sheet of 6.

With a ship pictorial image and used green as background. Printed with Bahasa Malaysia "Melalui Laut" (By Sea).

Airmail Label - Malaysia (Parcel)

This large size label is use for parcel mailing only. Printed in sheet of 6, self adhesive format.
With different design from the convention airmail label with bird symbol design.

Airmail Label - Malaysia (Reprints)

There are reprint cater for the needs of the demand of the labels, I have found 2 reprints with different indicator printed on the selvage:

Above sheet: mel udara Faizal 13/12/06 (shin) size 7.9' x 6.5'.

Not sure the date printed is for the master printing proof and the person name is either the designer or just the person in charge assigned to do the printing plate. And indicated the size.

Below sheet:
No details indicator, just an hand drawn "down arrow sign".
Both are printed in sheet of 20 self adhesive format.