Monday, November 16, 2009

Registered Letter - Malaysia 1983

Registered Mail's rate during the 80s was 80 cents (affixed was the national series definitive stamps). The postmark shown the letter posted on 8 Dec 1983 from Salak Selatan Post Office, then sent to Kuala Lumpur Post Office on the same day and delivered to destination on next day (9 Dec 1983) at Sungai
Besi Post Office, where the receiver stayed at Sungai Besi area.

Postman signed and written the date: 9/12/83 on the back of the cover.

Registered mail label during the 80s was designed with R (indicated Registered mail) followed by running numbers. Location of the post office is not printed but manually used rubber stamp to mark the location (Salak Selatan).

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