Monday, November 1, 2010

Argentina Airmail Label - via B.S.A.A.

This is an old cover I obtained from a friend. A cover sent from Argentina to Alemania (Germany in Spanish) on 21 Oct 1947 (postmark not very clear). It was sent via British South America Airways (B.S.A.A.). It was a state-run airline in Britain in the 1940s. It had several mysterious accidents such as loss without trace of aircraft cited as evidence of the Bermuda Triangle.

Postage rate was 60c (Argentina currency) and arrived on 10 Nov 1947 (handwritten on the cover). Around 20 days by air in1947 (notice two of the stamps were printed with year 1947). This airmail label is perforated like stamp, printed with "Speedman" image by B.S.A.A. (not by Argentina post office). Interesting to note even after this airline was ceased, many envelopes still annotated "Via B.S.A.A." for sending airmail letter. 

I done a bit of research on the Internet, you can do further readings on B.S.A.A. below: 

TIME Magazine, old article on Monday, Apr 01, 1946 - The British Are Coming:,9171,792703,00.html

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