Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thailand Airmail Registered Cover - Thai Calendar Year Postmark

This is a multi-service cover from Thailand, i.e. sent through Airmail and by Registered post. Thailand airmail label has a distinctive design, the label itself look like an envelope with Thai postal authority logo. The modern registered label with bar-code is affixed on the front cover and back cover is the receiving end bar-code from Pos Malaysia. 

The interesting thing I wanted to highlight is Thailand used Buddhist (Solar) calender as their official calender. There is a 543 years different between the Buddhist calender and the Western Calender (Gregorian). Hence, year in 2010 is year 2553 in Thailand. You can notice this on the postmark: THP Headquarter 02.06.53. That is 02 Jun 10 in our calender and THP stand for "Thailand Post".

You can read more on Thai Solar Calender at:

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